Suicide Wing Challenge, Buffalo Cantina, Brooklyn, NY

Monday, June 14 2010 @ 03:49 am UTC

Contributed by: Billy

JJiG tries to do the Suicide Wing Challenge, Buffalo Cantina, Brooklyn, NY. The Challenge: Eat 12 of their suicide wings in 6 minutes or less. The Prize: Unsure, nothing mentioned anywhere, but you'll probably have bragging rights, not many people have finished it! Can JJiG finish the wings in time? These things look damn hot, check the tears streaming down his face during the vid!


This is the REAL suicide wing challenge at the Buffalo Cantina in Brooklyn NY. Dont get it twisted with the Man vs Food episode the sauce in this video is hotter than what he ate on tv and i couldnt use any dipping sauces or napkins. I couldnt even stand! 6 wings in 6 mins pff i did 7 in 3 and mine were hotter!

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