Uncle Joe's Tex Mex Fiesta Burger, Riverwalck Saloon, Parryville, PA

Monday, January 23 2012 @ 04:34 am UTC

Contributed by: Billy

When the words "Tex", "Mex" and "Fiesta" are in the same sentence, my stomach starts to grumble. And once you've seen this burger, yours will too. It's the "Tex Mex Fiesta Burger" at The Riverwalck Saloon. For just $25.25, you get a mammoth burger with a grilled jumbo hot dog, and a whole bunch of other greasy goodness that I can't even make out! Finish it, and you get a t-shirt and a spot on the wall of fame. Fail, and get a bottle of Pepto and a spot in the bucket of shame!

From: http://yfrog.com/kfexdrjj

This monster is all three burgers under one bun and a grilled jumbo hot dog, not for the faint of heart (or stomach). If you can consume this beast, you will receive an original RiverWalck Saloon T -shirt and a Polaroid of your conquest on the RiverWalck Wall of Fame. For those who canít get it down, well, you receive a bottle of Pepto and a special spot in the bucket of shame!!!!


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