Mischa and the 50 Buffalo Wing Challenge

Wednesday, November 01 2006 @ 02:51 pm UTC

Contributed by: Billy

Buffalo wings are fantastic, I love them. But 50? I dunno. Especially if they're spicy. Mischa took on the challenge, to eat 50 buffalo wings. He only managed 40, but still a fair effort...

From: http://misha.smugmug.com/gallery/308854/1/12262409

The challenge was to eat 50 buffalo wings. I failed and only ate 40. My mistake was avoiding beer in order to save space in my stomach, but in the end I couldn't handle tasting anymore buffalo sauce, which beer probably would have helped with.


The 50 wing challenge

Munching away

Friends for support

Extreme close-up

Many many wings

Friends show their support

Drinks for the occasion

40/50 wings

On the rebound

You'll do

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