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Mischa and the 50 Buffalo Wing Challenge

Buffalo wings are fantastic, I love them. But 50? I dunno. Especially if they're spicy. Mischa took on the challenge, to eat 50 buffalo wings. He only managed 40, but still a fair effort...


The challenge was to eat 50 buffalo wings. I failed and only ate 40. My mistake was avoiding beer in order to save space in my stomach, but in the end I couldn't handle tasting anymore buffalo sauce, which beer probably would have helped with.


The 50 wing challenge

Munching away

Friends for support

Extreme close-up

Many many wings

Friends show their support

Drinks for the occasion

40/50 wings

On the rebound

You'll do

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Mischa and the 50 Buffalo Wing Challenge
Authored by: Anonymous on Friday, November 03 2006 @ 09:50 am UTC
As any good wing eater knows, all liquids (beer) do is spread the heat around. If a gulp of beer helps, those wings aren't hot.

The best strategy is to power through and maybe an occasional hit of bleu cheese to cut the heat. As long as you're eating, the heat doesn't really add up, the mistake is changing what you're doing. Once you have a beer, it's over Johnny.