New Haven Rugby and the Doodleburger Challenge

Friday, March 02 2007 @ 05:50 pm UTC

Contributed by: Billy

The lads from the New Haven Rugby Club thought they'd give the "Doodleburger Challenge" a try. We've written about the Doodleburger Challenge before, it's got quite a following! The likes of Tim "Eater-X" Janus, Eric "Badlands" Booker have graced this challenge, with the record being held by Eater-X @ 34 burgers (wall of fame here). When the New Haven Rugby Team took the challenge, the record was held by William Stobierski, 28 Doodleburgers. Can any of them beat the record?



Simon's flattened burger strategy

The beginning - The youngsters get a headstart

And then came Hush

The count at 635

Pablo at the counter

Kurt and Pablo

740 pm or as TR said - who is that handsome man in the corner

Hush ends his run

Simon and Andy at 804

812 PM - still eating and smiling

815 - Andy realizes saving all the buns doesn't help

The one Andy asked me not to show Cookie

Cookie, you can look again

Andy at the end

Jerry and Simon's bellies at 830

Andy's belly at the end (before the KitKat)

Jerry at 840

Jerry at 845

Jerry at 846

The mob calls in

The end of Jerry

The end of Jerry 2

The end of Jerry 3

The end of Jerry 4

The winner of the challenge

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