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The Doodleburger Challenge, New Haven, CT
As with most competitive eating events, there are records and record holders. This record is topped by two of the finest in the Competitive Eating Arena, Eric "Badlands" Booker, and Tim "Eater-X" Janus. Badlands beat out Ed "Cookie" Jarvis in '04, downing 32 Doodleburgers. He was then trumped in '05 by Eater-X, who ate 33. Not satisfied with the win, Tim returned in '06 to outperform his previous record, and downed 34 burgers in one sitting. He is the current record holder, and Doodleburger champion. You can see the Hall of Fame here. So the fine no-time-limit Yale tradition continues... will Tim hold the title for long?


Tim Janus walked into the Yankee doodle burger coffee shop with the intent of filling a commitment he made to himself as far back as June 2004. Tim had been thinking about the doodleburger record since that time because he was so frustrated he couldnt qualify for Nathans back then. This summer he had tried to break the record for MTV so they could include it in the episode of True Life. Tim called Rick the owner of Yankee Doodle shop to inform him that MTV crew was coming down but he cautioned them that the AC was busted and that the restaurant was 95 degrees inside. Tim backed out because he thought he would feel uncomfortable in the heat and might blow it.


Tim "Eater-X" Janus"

In the interim Badlands Booker summoned every ounce of strength in his quest for the title three months later on Oct 16, 2004 and was able to break Cookie Jarvis record of 31 as Booker barely closed in on number 32 just as the owner was ready to close shop . A more relaxed Janus made the journey to New Haven this week because he was sick and tired of postponing it . As soon as Tim started on the burgers all heads turned to the famous Eater X . Within the first 45 minutes of eating three Yale students five high school students skipped a class just to watch this magnificent event. Customers called other customers and friends to tell them what Tim was doing and an update on how he was doing. Rick the owner taught him alot about the history of of the place and how important it is to the Yale community. Different men have tried but fell short. U.S presidents and celebrities have eaten here.The Yale students told him that the doodle burger record is legendary on campus and whenever a student attempts to break the record its a reason for the campus to get excited. It made Tim Janus wish he was smart enough to get into Yale. Tim brought the infamous lemonade and dunked the burgers in that. He talked to anyone that asked him questions and after 45 minutes 30 burgers were consumed.

Eric "Badlands" Booker squeezed between a few cars by Brian Seiken

This was quite the opposite effect when Badlands Booker Allen Goldstein and Brian Seiken made the journey 2 yrs ago. Booker and his mates were in a zone phasing out anyone or anything that came in their way. Booker did managed to break the record right at closing time with 32 Goldstein could do no more than 18 Seiken finished with 17. It came real close to a 911 call for Badlands after all was said and done.

Oh no he's trapped!

Back to Janus. After numero 30 he was very tired of the flavor the meat and the bun and he stopped to take a rest and drink a couple of cokes to wash the flavor out of his mouth. He stopped eating for about 90 minutes and talked to Rick and the Yale students about competitive eating. And then when it was time to resume eating like the determined pro that he is finished the last three to take the record.

Eric "Badlands" Booker shows the famous watch (Sorry, couldn't find a pic of Eater-X)

For his efforts Tim recieves the famous doodle burger watch and a place in the doodleburger wall of fame. This in essence is sweet revenge after watching his 31 grilled cheese sandwich record fall to the waistline by Joey Chestnut. Regardless of this not being a sanctioned IFOCE event it is a great feat indeed. It is safe to say that this is one record that will not be broken for quite some time. Good Job Eater X

A "Doodleburger" being eaten

A close up of the Doodleburger (Source:

The Yankee Doodle Coffee and Sandwich Shop, home of the Doodleburger Challenge

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The Doodleburger Challenge, New Haven, CT
Authored by: Anonymous on Wednesday, December 20 2006 @ 08:16 am UTC
34 burgers and three Yale students! In one sitting!

"Within the first 45 minutes of eating three Yale students . . . "

I love the site, keep up the supersized work!