Schönbrunner Gold, 23-carat Gold Viennese Liqueur

Thursday, July 12 2007 @ 02:13 pm UTC

Contributed by: Billy

Aaron sent me these pics the other day. It's a Liqueuer called "Schönbrunner Gold", a French style cognac. The “Original Schonbrunner Gold” is made according to a recipe going back to the time of Emperor Francis Joseph and contain finest distillation of oranges and French cognac, refined with 23-carat gold leaf. Now you'd think that something like this would be expensive, but to my surprise, you can pick up a bottle of this stuff for about 20 euros! You've got to wonder just how much you'd get if you fished the gold out of one of these.... I would have thought it'd be more that 20 euros, but apparently not!

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Here's some photos of that gold liquor that my friend brought back from Europe. He said it was about 20 Euros for the bottle. I believe it was a schnapps of some sort - can't find much about it on Google.


Schonbrunner Gold Liqueur

Schonbrunner Gold Liqueur

The 24 carat gold flakes

A close up of the 24 carat gold flakes

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