Bob-BQN and the Giant Cheeseburgers

Thursday, August 23 2007 @ 02:20 pm UTC

Contributed by: Billy

Memorial Day 2007, and what better way to spend it than by cooking Giant Cheeseburgers! Bob-BQN, a grilling connoisseur went on a culinary journey and created two 12" Giant Cheeseburgers. Not only did he make the patties, but the buns as well. A fantastic looking Supersized Burger!


Cheese Burgers. This is what it was all about this weekend. There was a lot of strategies and techniques involved that we hadn’t used before and weren’t quite confident of what to do. But in the end it worked out well. I did drop one of the burgers ….. (see below). The bun is 12 inches diameter and the burgers when raw were 14 inches across. However, once cooked the burgers shrank a bit. :(


We decided to go with a modest five pound hamburger patty. I knew this would be too big of a burger for a family of four so I asked my wife if she would like to invite her folks over for "A" hamburger. ;) Well, she got so enthused about the idea, by the time I was informed of who was coming over... we had some thirty-five guests on the list. NOW, I had to make two. HAHA!!!

The raw patty next to a quarter

Raw patty with a quarter

Let them set in the fridge

We made the patties the night before to see how big they would be, to determine how big of a bun we would need. The patties ended up being 14 inches in diameter and just a little thicker than a normal burger (well, one of mine anyway). So we decided to use a twelve inch cake pan to bake the bun. My wife was in charge of the bread and I the meat.

The 12" bun

Cooking the 12" bun

Golden brown!

The baked 12" bun

The two 12" burger buns

The two 12" burger buns

I cooked the meat in a smoker until it was 150°F. and then transferred it to the grill to caramelize the outside and add a “grilled” flavor to it. If you notice in the pictures the burger was left on the smoker grate while being grilled in order not to break the patty, as I didn’t have a spatula large enough. To turn the burger, a second smoker grate was placed on top to sandwich the meat as it was being flipped. When done it was transferred to a pizza pan to carry in.

Cooking the patty

Cooking the patty

Close up of the giant patty

Super closeup of the giant patty

The almost cooked patty

The cooked giant burger patty

One burger cooked!

A single slice isn't enough

8 slices needed!

Top with tomato and onion

Top the other with just onion

Adding tomatoes on top

Adding the lettuce

Each burger could easily feed 20 people. We also had smoked macaroni & cheese, Atomic Buffalo Turds (ABT’s = a stuffed jalapeno wrapped with bacon), Reindeer Turds (a jalapeno stuffed with a shrimp & cheese, wrapped in a thin slice of beef & bacon), Armadillo Eggs (a jalapeno stuffed with mozzarella (whites) & cheddar (yolk) then wrapped in sausage & spices) and others brought desserts and sides. So there was so much food that we had plenty of leftovers, even one third of a hamburger!

Editors Note: We'll be featuring the ABT's, Reindeer Turds and Armadillo eggs in another article!

And a pickle for the finishing touch!

Bob-BQN's giant burger!

Bob-BQN's giant burger!

Bob-BQN's giant burger!

Slicing up Bob-BQN's Giant Burger

Slicing up Bob-BQN's Giant Burger

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