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Bob-BQN and the Giant Cheeseburgers

Memorial Day 2007, and what better way to spend it than by cooking Giant Cheeseburgers! Bob-BQN, a grilling connoisseur went on a culinary journey and created two 12" Giant Cheeseburgers. Not only did he make the patties, but the buns as well. A fantastic looking Supersized Burger!


Cheese Burgers. This is what it was all about this weekend. There was a lot of strategies and techniques involved that we hadn’t used before and weren’t quite confident of what to do. But in the end it worked out well. I did drop one of the burgers ….. (see below). The bun is 12 inches diameter and the burgers when raw were 14 inches across. However, once cooked the burgers shrank a bit. :(


We decided to go with a modest five pound hamburger patty. I knew this would be too big of a burger for a family of four so I asked my wife if she would like to invite her folks over for "A" hamburger. ;) Well, she got so enthused about the idea, by the time I was informed of who was coming over... we had some thirty-five guests on the list. NOW, I had to make two. HAHA!!!

We made the patties the night before to see how big they would be, to determine how big of a bun we would need. The patties ended up being 14 inches in diameter and just a little thicker than a normal burger (well, one of mine anyway). So we decided to use a twelve inch cake pan to bake the bun. My wife was in charge of the bread and I the meat.

I cooked the meat in a smoker until it was 150°F. and then transferred it to the grill to caramelize the outside and add a “grilled” flavor to it. If you notice in the pictures the burger was left on the smoker grate while being grilled in order not to break the patty, as I didn’t have a spatula large enough. To turn the burger, a second smoker grate was placed on top to sandwich the meat as it was being flipped. When done it was transferred to a pizza pan to carry in.

Each burger could easily feed 20 people. We also had smoked macaroni & cheese, Atomic Buffalo Turds (ABT’s = a stuffed jalapeno wrapped with bacon), Reindeer Turds (a jalapeno stuffed with a shrimp & cheese, wrapped in a thin slice of beef & bacon), Armadillo Eggs (a jalapeno stuffed with mozzarella (whites) & cheddar (yolk) then wrapped in sausage & spices) and others brought desserts and sides. So there was so much food that we had plenty of leftovers, even one third of a hamburger!

Editors Note: We'll be featuring the ABT's, Reindeer Turds and Armadillo eggs in another article!

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