The Meat Ship

Tuesday, February 12 2008 @ 01:12 pm UTC

Contributed by: Billy

Arrrr me harteys. Thar be a meatship ahead in the oven.... Floating high on the 17,000 calorie seas, made with Bacon, sausages, pastry, mince, it's all meat, and it's coming to rape and pillage your arteries! Har har!


After making the Meat House we decided it was time to create something else, out of meat.
Welcome to the Meat Ship:


Preliminary Sketch:

(not to scale)

~20 sausages
~48 rashers of bacon
1.2kg of sausage meat
1kg of pork mince
10 franks
1kg of pastry (not 100% meat this time)
1 onion
1 mushroom
2 packets of chipolata sausages
various food colourings

Creation of the sea:

Creating the hull out of pastry

Filling the hull with part cooked pork mince with onion

Surrounded the pastry hull with bacon, for the wood effect

Sausage planking

Creating the masts

some form of octopus attacking the ship (mushroom for the head, and sausages)

Pirate and canon

A dedicated sailor
ooops, just noticed we made the flag wrong :/

going in the oven ~ 2hours

coming out, the sails have shrunken somewhat

Total removal of support struts

More photos here

In total, it worked out at 17,000 calories, roughly... although there's still plenty left!

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