Opus makes Bacon Vodka

Thursday, October 02 2008 @ 01:10 pm UTC

Contributed by: Billy

Based on the recipe from Brownie Points Blog, Opus gave Bacon Vodka a try, and a rather large try at that! Plenty of Bacon, plenty of Vodka. Absolut Bacon, now that's what I'm talking about!

From: http://www.allnewyear.com/?p=611

With thanks to the Brownie Points blog, which provided the recipe, I decided today undertake the task of making Bacon-Infused Vodka. Bacon, of course, is widely regarded by theologians as proof that there is a God. After all, why else would so many religions ban you from enjoying its crispy goodness? And Vodka, of course, is a Russian beverage enjoyed by the many peasants who turned to the bottle after they were certain that God did not exist. What sort of great problems could be solved by bringing these two powerful forces together?


First, the ingrediants: Bacon, and Vodka.

First step, fry up some delicious bacon. Do your best not to eat it. It will be difficult, but you can persevere.

Next, cut the bacon into strips big enough to fit into the bottle. The recipe calls to put the vodka in a mason jar, but I do not have a mason jar, because I am not a mason. So I just took a little Vodka out of a full bottle. So it didn’t go to waste, I made myself a vodka tonic.

Next step; load up that vodka with bacon.

Here is what a bottle of vodka stuffed with bacon looks like:

The penultimate step; labeling your vodka.

Now the saddest step of all; it has to sit for three weeks to allow the bacon to infuse the bacon with flavor. Afterwards, I’ll strain out the bacon and enjoy the wonderful, non-kosher piggie cocktail.

Check back in three weeks for the review. As for now, I’ll enjoy a Vodka Tonic and a BLT with the leftovers.

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