OTCA does the Cheeseburger Pizza

Thursday, October 15 2009 @ 01:13 pm UTC

Contributed by: Billy

Not one to be satisfied with just a Super Whopper, a Super Aussie Burger and a Super Triple Bacon Deluxe Burger, Griffin decided to delve into the world of Italian Fusion Cuisine. Behold, the Cheeseburger Pizza. Sure, you've seen it before, but the Cheeseburger Pizzas are better at Hungry Jacks!

From: http://www.otca.com.au/burgersp.html

This was the first item I started on. I bought a frozen pizza (Double beef and bacon) instead of a plain pizza base, to give it a little extra flavour. Placing four Cheeseburgers on each quarter, I filled in all the spaces with the chicken nuggets, fries and onion rings. The problem with spacing out the burgers was that it was more difficult covering it all with cheese. I didn't have that problem the day before because there was a lot less stuff on the pizza to cover.


As such, this one ended up having too much cheese on it, and wasn't as nice as the 'prototype' pizza the day before. This one ended up having a big lump of cheese on top, which didn't end up melting enough over the burgers anyway.

Cut open, with a slice placed on top.

And showing a cross-section of a Cheeseburger inside. It was still very tasty though, but could have used less cheese and more ketchup (I think I had added it to the pizza the day before, which would have made it less dried out and cheesy).

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