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"Dan on the Run" made a wonderful discovery. After purchasing a loaf of bread from the local shop, he discovered they'd sliced the bread lengthways instead of across the loaf! that's 9 mammoth slices of wonderful, fresh white bread! Here's what he made:


One day, I visited the corner shop local to me, and purchased a loaf of Kingsmill 'Thick Square White' bread. It soon became apparent on opening the packet, that this was no ordinary loaf...

It had been sliced lengthways, instead of down. Leaving me with 9, foot long slices of bread.


The loaf is now destined for bigger and bolder things. Namely, a foot long, 6 layer sandwich. I have just returned from Asda and have acquired bacon, ham, beef, breaded chicken, tuna, lettace, cheese, mayonnaise and sausages. This will be the greatest sandwich of our time

UPDATE - 4th March 2004.

Here is the transcript of the e-mail I sent to Kingsmill -

Recently purchased me a loaf of your Kingsmill Square White thick bread, and when i got home i found it had been sliced the wrong way - i.e. length ways so i got 9 slices of 1 foot long bread. Now, to me this was not a problem, but an inspiration for greatness. Please see where i have placed photos of what became of that loaf on that fateful day of 4th March 2004.

Please email back and let me know what you think :D

Dan Bayes"

El Boca is now complete - see below for documented evidence. There were a few slight changes to the original plan as it was felt that tuna would ruin the mix. The bottom layer is Beef, followed by Bacon, then Cheese Salad, then Breaded Chicken, followed by Sausage and finally Ham. The first slice was consumed by myself just now (18:00, 4th March, 2004 - Lincoln, England) and I now require a lay down.


Kingsmill have replied to my e-mail!

"Hi Dan,

Thank you for sharing this with us here at Kingsmill, we are keen to investigate out how this could have happened.

Please could you let us know if you still have the yellow tag details from the packaging or failing this please could you let us know the area where this loaf was purchased.

We do hope you continue to enjoy our products and wish you every success with your magnificent sandwich creations.

Kindest Regards

Judith Stratford "

So proud :)

UPDATE - 25TH MAY 2004

Well, on my summer hols from uni now, Kingsmill sent me loads of vouchers for money off Kingsmill, which was nice of them :). Big thanks to Ryan, my webhoster, who has had to adopt the sarnie site under his wing for a bit due to my 10gb a month transfer limit. I can't recommend him enough - What will I do next to top the mighty sandwich...

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El Bocadillo Del Diablo
Authored by: Anonymous on Monday, March 13 2006 @ 02:08 pm UTC
In Sweden that kind of bread is used for making sandwich layer-cakes. It's often served to 3-4 people if it´s based on just one loaf.