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  • A Hamburger Today (5,086)
    Hamburger reviews from all over the world. One of my favorites!
  • Fast Food Fever (4,211)
    Make your own Supersized Meal creation with a ready-made recipe by these guys! Combine 3 different burgers to make a Triple Whopper, put popcorn chicken in a soft taco for a Pop'n'Taco, or how about a McNugget burger!
  • Kate Stelnick (4,138)
    fan site for 115 pound college student who is the only person to eat the 11 pound 96er burger from Denny's Beer Barrel Pub in under 3 hours.
  • The girl who ate everything (4,049)
    Beautiful pics of beautiful food
  • SuperPaul Eating and Art and Celebrity Meetin Website (4,001)
    A website allegedly for selling tropical abstract art, but really a strange collection of Superpaul with famous celebrities and IFOCE eaters. Among the celebs are US presidents, TV and Movie stars, and lots of sports personalities.
  • Australia's Biggest Loser Boards (3,941)
    They linked to in one of their threads, so I thought I'd return the favor :D
  • Clinton Station Diner (3,934)
    Home of what could be the largest burger ever, the Mt Olympus 50lb burger!
  • Horeca Link (3,769)
    Dutch hospitality website.
  • CricketSoda (3,752)
    Videos giving tribute to Denton, TX's favorite food places.
  • (3,483)
    A forum for the residents in Brisbane, Australia. Talking about local news, politics, affairs, events, anything to do with Brisbane!