The Hot Dog Rollup, Outdone!

Sunday, March 26 2006 @ 07:15 PM EST

Contributed by: Billy

You may have already heard of "The Hamdog". Well this is pretty similar, the Hot Dog Rollup. "Beef and Pork, wrapped in pork, wrapped in more pork, wrapped in cheese, wrapped in beef and pork and egg!!!" Hahah... Heart attack city! Even the pics show these humble creators clutching their chests.


The Hot Dog Rollup has met its match: A few months back, I happened to browse acrost this thread:, abit later, this one:, and awhile after, this thread: What did they all have in common? Besides gratuitous amounts of Vitamin G? Oh yeah thats right I remember now.. I knew I could whoop ass all over those sorry excuses for heart attacks...


So with the help of my non goon friend, Eric:

and Willie the Beagle:

...we set out on this meaty adventure into oblivion...

Our Ingrediants:

3 lbs ground beef
1.7 lbs chorizo sausage
.5 lbs cappicola
.5 lbs provolone cheese
1 bigass package of summer sausage (hot dogs? phooey...)
1 package of bacon
2 loafs italian bread
1 egg
some mustard (not pictured)

Oh yeah, dont be fooled by the veggies, they are just there for show!

First I set about cutting up the sausages into managable portions:

and just couldnt resist, knowing I would soon be an internet celebrity:

these went on the grill:

Then into the mixing bowl went an egg:

3 pounds of ground beef:

and TWOOOOOO packages of chorizo (aprox 1.7 lbs):

Our mustard man seems a bit constipated:


Oh hey look, the succulent hot dog upgrades are done:

So they get wrapped in bacon (Willie is startin to look hungry):

And back to the grill (FYI: the little pieces you see on the upper grill were all that was left of the package of bacon):

Then I began to prepare the meatcakes from our egg beef chorizo mustard mix:

After that we applied 2 slices of provolone cheese, and 4 slices of capicola:

Brilliant! Time for a beer!

Uh oh.. greasefire... I guess that means its gonna be good

Finally the bacon sausages are done:

And the wrapping may commence:

When we realized the sheer size of our creations we fired up another grill, because there was no way to fit them all on the one!

Oh look like magic all done for you folks in internetland...

Now this aint no job for no namby pamby hoagie rolls, no way jose...
We're talkin half loaves of italian bread!!!

Now THAT is what I call a heart attack! A beautiful creation!

Although it seems Dixie was none too impressed:

We still made her try one:

Beef and Pork, wrapped in pork, wrapped in more pork, wrapped in cheese, wrapped in beef and pork and egg!!!

My buddy Mike showed up just in time to eat our 4th one,
He was impressed, rightly so!

Obligitory heart attack photos:


We thought it was over, untill we heard a slurping sound out in the driveway.. apparantly Willie had found something!

Ah! A 5 foot river of grease! I bet yo momma's home cookin don't make no 5 foot river of grease! Yummm!


Ok now greasefiends! Let the next challenger step forth, in the name of all that is arteryclogging, and attempt to put this new monstrosity to shame!

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