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Baseball's Best Slider

The Gateway Grizzlies are at it again. After bringing us such brilliant concession items as Baseball’s Best Burger (burger topped with sharp cheddar, two slices of bacon and a sliced Krispy Kreme donut as a bun) and Baseball’s Best Hotdog (a black angus hot dog with bacon, onions and cheese sauce) the Illinois semi-pro baseball club has brought you Baseball's Best Slider. This calorie atrocity gives you a two-pack of White Castle Sliders that have been battered up and deep fried for $4. Cheese sauce on the side costs and extra buck.

The article speaks for itself:


"So here’s my official review. It’s pretty awesome when it has been sitting in the studio for an hour. I can only imagine how great it is hot out of the fryer sitting at the ballpark. I couldn’t eat too much being that I’m down a gallbladder, but it basically tastes like an onion ring burger. So now what you’ve all been waiting for -- the calorie count. I didn't say this before but not only is it fried, but it's battered first. It’s just an estimate, but it looks to be around 600 calories and 40 grams of fat for the two-pack. That’s 90 percent of your daily recommended fat based on a 2,000 calorie diet. The Grizzlies open their season on May 23. "

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