The Value Meal Challenge: Carl's Jr's Double Six Dollar Burger

Monday, September 03 2007 @ 02:12 pm UTC

Contributed by: Billy

Back last year when I was in California I set myself a challenge, to build the biggest burger possible from a Fast Food Value Meal. The rules were simple, I could only get a burger that was on the menu, and exchange items in the Value Meal for something of equal status. For example, I could swap the Fries with Onion Rings, but not the Fries for another burger. Once all the items were on the tray, I then had to construct the largest burger possible. Voila! I present to you, the Carl's Jr Double Six Dollar Burger, Large Onion Rings, Supersized Coke. Can you make a bigger burger? Submit your story, enter The Value Meal Challenge and help us find the best Value Meal out there!

From: My Camera


The Receipt: Total for the meal - $8.45 (there were 2 of us)

The Burger Stack after construction

The Double Six Dollar Burger Tower, close up

Trying to eat it in one piece

Double Six Dollar Burger closeup

Mmm, tasty!

I put in my entry, but never won. What a load of crap.


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