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It doesn't have to be an essay, or overly complex. We just need the URL or any photos you've taken, we'll do the rest!

Otherwise, here are a few tips for posting stories on

  • Fill in all the fields, they're required
  • Provide complete and accurate information
  • Double check those URLs

How to insert images
To insert images into your story, you need to use the <img> tag.
For example, to insert the image from

  • Go to the site that has the image you want to put in your story
  • Right click on the image that you want to place in your story and select "Properties"
  • Copy the address that's in the Properties window (
Then in your story, type:

<img src="">

Also, use <p> for a new paragraph, and <br> for a single line return

Don't worry too much if your story isn't formatted perfectly, we'll be more than happy to clean it up for you, it's the story that's important!

Prefer to email us?
If you have images that you can't hotlink to using the <img> tag, email your pictures to


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