The Spam Costume

So you've got the The Book of Spam, and you've bought the Spam Hat to go with it.... now complete the transformation with the Spam Costume! Yes, that's right folks, you can now become one with the tin of meat!


Spam, Spam, Spam, Spam (those Monty Python lyrics are so hard to remember) but his costume is so easy to wear. A one-piece foam backed costume has golden metallic coating on the top and an intricate representation of the can label around all 4 sides including the bar code and the calorie content!


The Spam Costume - £44.99

Costume shown here with models own black trousers and long sleeved top (not included). For those of you really keen on spam we have a matching hat (not included) scroll down the page to see if they are still in stock as they are already selling fast, now that Spamalot has opened in the West End! This is an officially licensed costume so you need to know that SPAM is a registered trademark of Hormel Foods, LLC for Luncheon Meat.

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