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Great Khan's Mongolian BBQ

You know those places at shopping malls, not "All You Can Eat", but "All You Can Carry"? I think this lady has a degree in Engineering. Here I was thinking the guy on the right had a decent one, then I saw the one on the left! LADY WINS! What's the biggest one you've ever seen stacked, or stacked yourself? Kinda reminds me of OldTasty's Trip to the Pizza Hut Salad Bar

From: Great Khan's Mongolian BBQ, Westfield Valley Fair, CA


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Great Khan's Mongolian BBQ
Authored by: Fival on Wednesday, October 10 2007 @ 01:30 pm UTC
My favorite thing to do at those is to just pack as much steak as I can into a bowl, and then grab the maximum ( 2 ) eggs you can get per bowl. I normally have to fill a full normal bowl with sauce though... Needless to say, the 20 ounces of prime cut tenderloin and N.Y. Strip for 8.99 was a good deal :P

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