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The £95 Whopper from Burger King

Yep, you read it right. This isn't some boutique burger shop serving a gold dusted mystery burger with diamond encrusted sesame seeds. This is the "Have it your way" good old fashioned stacker creating Burger King Whopper. Simply called "The Burger", this tasty treat is made from Wagyu Beef, white truffles, and other fine ingredients. I wonder if they'd do it as an ocho? Anyone near the Gloucester Road store care to find out?


FAST food giant Burger King today launches a gourmet snack costing an incredible £95. The treat – called “The Burger” – contains Wagyu beef and Cristal champagne onion straws.


The £95 Whopper (Source:

The £95 Whopper (Source:

It is served in a bun dusted with Iranian saffron and white truffles.

The burger will be served at the chain’s Gloucester Road branch in West London or can be preordered by phone.

Proceeds go to charity Help A London Child.

Burger King chiefs say it is aimed at people seeking “the ultimate burger taste experience”.

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