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Eric "Badlands" Booker on G4 TV takes on the 100x100

This came in today from an anonymous reader (I suspect one of the lads from G4 TV! Hi guys!) One of the Kings of competitive eating, Eric "Badlands" Booker racing Brendan Hermies, "The Attack of the Show" Co-ordinator. The Challenge? The famous "100x100" from In-n-out. Well, actually, this is the 100x200! Each beef pattie is separated by 2 slices of cheese! Mmm... sweaty cheese... Anyway, here's what got posted...

World-renowned competitive eater, Eric Badlands Booker stopped by G4 with a demonstration of his eating prowess - taking down as many hamburgers as he can from a 100 X 100 (100 burgers and 100 slices of chees) in 30 seconds.

From: (Click here for the video)

Eric holds some pretty impressive eating records:

- 15 Burritos in 8 Minutes
- 2 lbs. of Chocolate Candy Bars in 6 Minutes
- 49 Glazed Donuts in 8 Minutes
- 4 lbs. of Corned Beef Hash in 1 Minute 58 Seconds

What these numbers don't show is Badlands's awesome personality. He's genuinely one of the nicest guys in a sport that has some interesting personalities. Badlands is known as The People's Champ and holds records in some of the sport's biggest events.

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