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In 'n' Out 101x101?
It was only a matter of time. The challenge had been set, the 100x100 had become legendary, and now it was time for that record to fall. These guys decided that time was now, and constructed a 101x101 (well, actually, it was first claimed to be 117, then calculated at 26x4=104, so I'm not really sure... but in the end, 117 patties were consumed, apparently...) but anyway, it was a huge burger though! Not only beef and cheese, but the usual lettuce/etc that goes with a 4x4. Crazy!

From: we did it...and it was gross.

here's the box were had to take with us since they refused to serve us a 101x101 at the restaurant. they said that they had caught wind of a 64x64 that people had put pics of online and it looked really gross, and also showed that the meat was undercooked and of poor quality. it basically came down to an image and PR thing. we ended up ordering and paying for 26 4x4's and 5 fries and having to take them togo cause they wouldn't let us eat there. it ended up taking about 30 minutes to cook our burgers [they turned on a 3rd burner for us] and we're on our way!


we ended up taking our burgers to PC food court to assemble and eat. our plan was to take 101 patties and cheese and combine them all to create our burger but they ended up giving us 19 4x4's and 7 5x5's and we inadvertantly created a 107x107 patty burger, with all the vegetables and fries.

the obligatory receipt shot

the 7 hungry eaters, just before getting started...

after the first 30 minutes or so, we had completed about half of the sandwich.

this picture is about an hour in. we had significantly slowed our progress. the first 10-12 or so patties weren't so bad, but then they started getting cold and the cheese...omg the cheese, was disgusting.

we found that a few of the patties weren't completely cooked through but we pounded through them anyway.

we got down to about the last 10 patties and those were the HARDEST ones of them all. the last 10 or so ended up taking about 30 minutes to complete in themselves cause they were so disgusting by then. this is us trying to finish the last 2-3 pieces...

and done!

the final tally:
joe - 17 patties
mopo - 17 patties
darius - 16 patties
thanh - 15 patties
mike - 15 patties
cory - 15 patties
deb - 12 patties
107 total!

total time to complete - 1hr and 30 min!

we ended up giving away our last 4x4 because we wanted nothing more to do with this damned thing... conclusion: we will not be doing that again...

For full size pics, click here!

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