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The Wally Burger, Palatka, FL
A little like "The Fat Bastard Burger", The "Wally Burger" consists of three, one pound slabs of ground beef stacked on top of each other, squished between two regular-sized buns. Cheese is an option.

Prior to this news story, only one person had completed this meaty feat. Caleb Stamps. That was until hearty news reporter Victor Blackwell thought that he'd give it a go as part of the story. And what a story it was!


The calorie count is astronomical, somewhere in the 7,000 range. The $15 burger is on the house if you eat it and the pound of fries that come with it. If not, dig deep. Wally says seven or eight people have tried the Wally Burger challenge, but no one made it to the finish line, until Caleb Stamps walked in the door last week.

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