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Man creates giant kebab

Apparently this one was created back in 2001. I wonder if it would've tasted better served at 2am after way too many beers...


A Greek restaurant owner has broken the record for the world's largest kebab. Costas Dasios from Patras made the pork kebab weighing 1,850kgs on a 1.73-metre steel skewer, according to the Kathimerini newspaper.


Around 150kgs of spices and 100kgs of salt were used to add taste to the kebab and a two-ton natural gas tank was used to cook it.

Mr Dasios said: "The city's poor will be the first to get a taste."

The previous world record was held by a restaurateur from Cyprus named Sami Eid.

He made a kebab in Limassol, Cyprus in June 2001 weighing 1,503.66kgs.

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