Mmm, steak! [Advertisement]

I was trying to figure out what our readers would like to buy, and I thought to myself.... "mmm... steak!" So as you'll see on the banner above, I'm now an affiliate for Omaha Steaks. If you feel like a steak from the Internets, then think!! They've got a sale on at the moment, so if you'd like discounted steak, and like our site, help us out, click on the banner, and buy some steak!

Thanks everyone!


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Mmm, steak! [Advertisement]
Authored by: Anonymous on Wednesday, May 10 2006 @ 08:29 am UTC

You are shameless and cheap. Buy your advertizing time dude, don't be hiding behind skirts.
Mmm, steak! [Advertisement]
Authored by: Billy on Wednesday, May 10 2006 @ 02:37 pm UTC
Hahaha... shush you... buy a steak, or click on a banner :D (Please!)