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The 34 Patty Mysterious MegaMac Completion!!!

Another fine piece of Japanese food construction. This time a 34 Patty MegaMac! They should get bonus points simply for the fact that it doesn't fall over!


(Google Translated)First, we had decided to think of name.  To tell the truth, it means that the name which exceeds” YOTTA MAC” does not happen to think.  With being the case that it is said, Japan to seem we had decided to designate with Japanese.  Ten thousand, hundred million and trillion...


Rather than cut/paste the Google Translation, I thought I'd just show you the pics (with a few funny translations)

MacDonald of figure 2 neighborhood

Figure 3 [yotsutamatsuku] completion!

 And next the pan and meat 10, the pan and meat 10, in making extremely Mack of the pan.
 Again here cheese you….
 Furthermore it may collapse gradually.

Figure 4 polar Mack completion!!

 The cheese was stubborn, is, but somehow completion.

 But hamburger tower here last resistance.
 [chizubaga] is not warped, because the pickles have been buried in the cheese, piling up so, but the hamburger because the pickles are put exactly middle, is that center becomes high strangely.
 But if those which will operate the pickles here naturalness is lost.
 In challenging this way.

 And with this position height of hamburger and [chizubaga] each [yotsutamatsuku] class.
 It is to make that unite.

 And, finally the super hamburger of dream. The total meat 34 “mysterious Mack” completed.

Figure 5 mysterious Mack completion!!!!

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