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The "Mega Mel Burger", Mel's Country Cafe, Tomball, TX
For ages I've been trying to figure out where the burger featured in this earlier article originated from. Well, thanks to one of our Forum Posters, Brandon, I think I may have found the source of this massive burger tower. It's called "The Mega Mel Burger". Here are the stats:


Mel's flagship burger is it's Mega Mel's Burger. This thing is approaching bovine armageddon status! This thing has 6 - count em' - SIX patties totaling 1 1/2 pounds of beef - a friggin' pound of bacon - ΒΌ pound of cheese - all the vegetables - and a half off coupon for a defibulator. If you can eat this bad boy in under 2 hours and not "return any of the food for a refund" during that time - you get your name written on the Mel's Wall of Fame and you will be forever the envy of binge eaters everywhere! One guy at this monstocity in 9 minutes!!! I bet that dude had a real bad case of something that night. Yowser!"


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The "Mega Mel Burger", Mel's Country Cafe, Tomball, TX | 1 comments | Create New Account
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The "Mega Mel Burger", Mel's Country Cafe, Tomball, TX
Authored by: Anonymous on Tuesday, July 08 2008 @ 04:39 am UTC
The menu on this site is 3 years old. they have recently updated it and posted new hours. Call them for the most recent info.