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Burger bling: $100 hamburger celebrates excess

Wednesday, June 21, 2006; Posted: 2:02 p.m. EDT (18:02 GMT)
BOCA RATON, Florida (AP) -- A hundred bucks would buy you a lot of burgers from McDonald's.

The swanky Old Homestead Steakhouse will sell you a single brawny beef sandwich for the same price. Boca Raton Mayor Steven Abrams could barely speak between bites Tuesday as he devoured the 20-ounce, $100 hamburger billed as the "beluga caviar of sandwiches."


"Heaven on a bun," restaurant owner Marc Sherry said.

The burger debuted Tuesday at the restaurant in the Boca Raton Resort and Club, where a membership costs $40,000 and an additional $3,600 a year.

"We've never had a hamburger on our menu here so we really wanted to go to the extreme," Sherry said, calling it "the most decadent burger in the world."

At about 51/2 inches across and 21/2 inches thick, the mound of meat is comprised of beef from three continents -- American prime beef, and meat from Japanese Kobe and Argentine cattle.

The bill for one burger, with garnishes like organic greens, exotic mushrooms and tomatoes, comes out to $124.50, including tax and an 18 percent tip.

The restaurant will donate $10 from each sale to the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

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