Frikandellen Eating Competition, Groesbeek, NL
One of our Anonymous readers sent this in... never had a "Frikandellen" before, but sounds tasty! According to our old friend, Wikipedia, a Frikandel is a Dutch snack, a sort of minced-meat hot dog. It is a long, dark-coloured sausage that is eaten warm. Unlike other sausages, a frikandel is deep-fried. Sometimes it is served on a piece of bread, and is called a broodje frikandel. Mmm!


At Sunday the 27th of August 2006 (last Sunday of August) Cafeteria Rikken in Groesbeek (The Netherlands) organise the Frikandellen Eetwedstrijd 2006.

It is the official eetwedstrijd (match) to break the Dutch record of most frikandellen eaten within 1 hour. The official Dutch record stands on 24 frikandellen. Especially for the official eetwedstrijd a number of game rules has been set out in a youth regulation and a regulation for adults. The eetwedstrijd are laid down in a warrant certificate by a notary!

Participants explain to have read the regulation and agree with the conditions which are put to the "Frikandellen Eetwedstrijd".
Everyone can participate and the registration and participation are free!

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