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New Worlds Largest Hamburger!

Thanks to "Tucson Tom" for letting me know about this one! Not long ago, Fuddruckers broke the record for the Worlds Largest Commercially available Hamburger. Then Denny's Beer Barrel Pub came out with the 50lb Beer Barrel Belly Buster. Now, Bob's BBQ in Pattaya, Thailand have broken the record with a 78.5lb (35.6kg) burger monstrocity! And for only US$400, you too can take home one of these bad boys...


Pattaya, Thailand, July 31 2006 Bob's BBQ & Grill made a landmark in history in creating the Worlds Largest Hamburger. Bob's BBQ & Grill in celebration of the King of Thailand's 60th year accession to the throne opened the Guinness World Record attempt with a record crushing burger that rocked the scales at 35.6kg (78.5 pounds), while witnesses from Ripley's Believe it or Not measures the diameter at 60cm (23.62 inches) and a height at 35cm (13.78 inches)


Once the official certification is received it will be added to the Guinness World records database under the World's Largest Commercially Available Hamburger. The Bog Bob's Texas Belt Buster is on the regular menu and can be ordered in just 12 hours.

It was a truly breathtaking moment while the witnesses and onlookers watched the official weigh in along with Bob Schindler Founder of Bob's BBQ & Grill and his Executive Chef Khun Sowpee (AKA Bee) who pulled off this very difficult cuninary accomplishment. The entire kingdom of Thailand have been taking part in many various activities and events all year to give respect to his Majesty the King's 60th year accession to the throne and this World Record attempt was no different. Bob, a former Houstonian from Texas said he originally was shooting for the 60 pound mark but things were harder to calculate than he thought and ended up going well over the target weight of 60 pounds.

This new World's Largest Burger crushes the previous mark by almost 1.5 times of 29.9 pounds; created by Fuddruckers at Foxwoods Casino in Ct. USA. The burth of the burger started off with a custom made bun made in Bob's in house bakery, and then 25kg (55.12 pounds) of Bob's top quality beef was cooked 6.5 hours down to 20.4kg's (45 pounds). No burger is complete with toppings and this burger was topped off with 2 large heads of lettuce, 15 tomato's, 4 large onions, 35 slices of cheese, 1.5 cups of mustard, 1 cup of ketchup, 4 whole pickles, 4 whole Jalapenos.

The World's Largest Hamburger "Big Bob's Texas Belt Buster" is now available on the Bob's BBQ menu for 15500 Baht ($400 USD). Unlike the previous record burger this burger can be ordered in only 12 hours. "Place the order in the morning and pick it up at night says Bob of Bob's BBQ & Grill"

Bob's BBQ & Grill which recently celebrated their 2 year anniversary have provided an answer to the culinary void in Thailand for slow wood smoked BBQ and great authentic American cuisine. Since the doors opened Bob has served up big burgers starting with his legendary Wagon Wheel Burger which has become very popular to both Local Thai's and foregners. Please visit Bob's website for more information.

Jil in Pattaya also did a write-up on the event. She happens to know Bob, and noted that all proceeds of the event went to the Pattaya Orphanage

Here are some photos compliments of Pattaya Daily News

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