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Boston Cream Donut Challenge

The Challenge: Eat a dozen donuts in 30 minutes while watching America's Next Top Model... At a guess, I'd say the donuts weren't what made him sick... ;)


About two years ago, my friends challeneged me to eat a dozen Dunkin Donuts Boston Creams in 30 minutes while watching America's Next Top Model. I failed after eating about 10.


The challenge is to eat one dozen Dunkin' Donuts Boston Cream donuts within 30 minutes (while watching America's Next Top Model)

One down


Woah, not bad

Ooh, I think I hit a food wall

Wash it down with some coffee

Not feeling so hot


I'm feeling pretty bad right about now.

I think my stomach is visibly bigger. All I can think of is diabetic shock.


Gotta. Keep it. Down.

It hurts to laugh.

I don't know if I can make it.

Really not thinking I can make it.

These are getting hard to keep down

Really hard to keep down.


I think I can eat more if I hold my nose.

Hmm, not going so hot.


Not feeling so hot.

Yeah, the whole plugging my nose thing didn't work so hot.

We got the trash bag ready, just in case (but we didn't need it.)

Time to quit. I know my limits, and it's 10 Boston Cream donuts in 23 minutes.

Wash it down with a little PBR.

More PBR

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