4 guys, a Burgermobile, and Denny's Ye Old 96'er
Dave over at Megamunch found this one... The mission: On Friday night, 15 September (they changed the date), Tanker and Splash (and now two others, Seamus O'Toole and Eager Al) are to drive 14 hours from Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada to Denny's Beer Barrel pub, eat Denny's "Ye Old 96'er". and bask in the victory that comes from consuming one of Denny's finest. Sounds like a road trip to be reckoned with! Actually, it reminds me a little bit of "Harold and Kumar go to White Castle", minus the weed... (or is it?!?! haha!). Good luck Gentlemen! I'll be watching the web site and cheering you on in spirit!


Tanker and Splash will be travelling the highways and bi-ways of two countries in order to experience Denny's Beer Barrel Pub. Our intent is to leave around 6pm on Thursday, the 14th of September. We'll drive several hours, crossing the border deep into Maine and beyond. If we can keep awake and at it, we'll make the choice in the late night early hours to drive straight through to Clearfield, or stop and catch some Z's somewhere along the highway. Friday, the 15th and one month from today, we'll arrive in Clearfield and spend the remainder of that day enjoying the burger. We'll spend a night in Clearfield, I suspect at the Super 8, as that's what Denny recommends, though no reservations have been made yet.

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