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The Darwin Stubby

Uniquely Australian, the "Darwin Stubby" is well known for its sheer size and volume of beery goodness. Up to a whopping 2.25 litres, you don't need a 6 pack of these to get hammered! Could be the perfect accompaniment to some of the Supersized Meals in here I reckon!

In 1956 CUB set up the first brewery in Darwin. The first local beer, Carlton Draught, was brewed on 13 October of that year. Bottled CUB beer continued to be shipped from Melbourne. Because of the logistics of shipping bottles such a long distance, it was decided that a bigger bottle would be used – a 2.25 litre giant which became known as the “Darwin Stubby”.


It was appropriate that the biggest beer bottles in the world were used in the city with the biggest beer consumption per capita in the world. The Darwin Stubby of NT Draught immediately became a hit with tourists who took them as souvenirs. You can still buy a Darwin Stubby but the price is prohibitive at about A$20.00. They are now just a tourist gimmick, not something for the local drinker.

It's so popular with the tourists, that the Northern Territory Government has even made exceptions to liquor licensing regarding the sale and consumption of this mammoth beer


1. In February 2006, as part of a review of liquor supply restrictions in Tennant Creek and Threeways, the Threeways Roadhouse was advised of proposed changes to its liquor licence pursuant to Section 33 of the Liquor Act.

The proposed changes were as follows:

1) With the exception of bush orders, takeaway sales of liquor shall only be allowed during the following hours:
a. On Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday – from 14:00 hours to 20:00 hours only;
b. On Friday - from 14:00 hours to 21:00 hours only;
c. On Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays - from 12:00 hours to 21:00 hours only;
d. No trading on Good Friday and Christmas Day.
2) With the exception of wine in casks and Darwin Stubby Souvenir packs takeaway sales of liquor of any type being sold or supplied in a container larger than one (1) litre is prohibited.
3) Wine in casks cannot be sold or supplied in containers larger than two (2) litres.

So if you're ever up in the Northern Territory of Australia, make sure you keep your eyes open for one of these!

A picnic is always good with a Darwin Stubby! [Source]

A big meal deserves a big beer! [Source]

Some variations of the Darwin Stubby [Source]

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