Town wants biggest burger patty, Nov 18, 2006

Thanks to one of our anonymous readers for sending this one in! There's an upcoming event on November 18 in Nottingham Road, South Africa, which will see a world breaking record attempt to make a 27kg Burger Patty! There's also some other competitions on the day like the tastiest burger and best team work. More information as it comes to hand!


Burgers are a mouthful at the best of times, but how about sinking your teeth into one that has a patty that weighs 27kg?

Nottingham Road Tourism's latest wacky idea to attract people into the area appeals to a taste for the unusual, and good food.

(burger not actual size)

The Big Burger Bash Competition, to be held at the Farmers' Association Hall in Nottingham Road on November 18, will see a world record-breaking attempt by one of the teams to make a patty of about 27kg.

Erica Millican, of Nottingham Road Tourism, said the competition would be fierce, with three "stubborn judges" to impress.

Teams of no more than four members are invited to take part in the burger bash to vie for prizes for the biggest burger, the tastiest burger and the best team work.

Just for fun, the teams will be asked to dress to represent their hamburger.

Each team is responsible for providing its own ingredients and utensils. Prizes range from R600 to R6 000.

The organising committee's Theresa Wright said the current record for a burger patty stood at a mere 8kg.

She said the 27kg patty would have a 4m diameter.

Prospective contestants should phone the Nottingham Road Tourism and Information Office at 033 2666 308 or visit Nottingham Road for more details. The closing date for entries is November 11.

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