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Hot Wings Challenge, Wingnuts, Vancouver, BC
Thanks to one of our anonymous readers for this one! The premise was simple - eat 120 of Wingnuts Hottest wings in under an hr and you'd walk away with free wings and cash.

Hilarity ensued.


September 21st, 2006 - It all started with a vision and a single post on’s forums. The rules were simple. Eat 120 of Wingnuts’ hottest wings in under an hour with no drinks and you’d walk away with the cost of the wings ($59.99+tax), $50 and bragging rights for the foreseeable future…


The meeting time was set for the following Wednesday at 9pm and the talking began. Big people, small people, fat people, skinny people – there was no shortage of people who claimed that they would be able to eat that many wings. This short conversation snippet between some of the forum members was perhaps the description that I’d seen.

Rat: how much do you think the meat of 120 wings is?
Silk: I figure 7 pounds
Paul: My god that’s like a newborn baby!

One week and 107 posts later, we had a challenger! As expected none of the trash talking teenagers showed up, but luckily for us, Ken decided that step up to the plate and take the challenge. Within minutes of ordering, the plates of wings were carted out and the pungent aroma burned our nostrils from across the establishment. Of course, it looked like the wings didn’t have enough sauce on them so Dennis took it upon himself to dump an extra cupful of sauce over the wings.

As the countdown began, we could see the fear in Ken’s eyes. Could he do it? Could he set a new record? 3..2..1.. and he was off! Like a fat kid on a donut, ken attacked the wings with a vigor I’d never seen before. One wing, two wings, three wings – he was a machine. I was even beginning to fear for my wallet.

Well, that lasted for a whole of five minutes before the capsicum kicked in and Ken’s face turned a bright red. With sweat dripping from his chin, hot sauce smeared all over his lips and agony written all over his face, I began to feel sorry for Ken… but only for a brief moment before the laughter kicked in.

15 minutes in, it became very clear that Ken wasn’t going to make his goal so the compassionate side of us came through and we allowed him some drinks to wash away the pain. 5 beers and 50 minutes later, Ken finally threw in the towel - he’d managed to eat 55 wings, a far cry from the 120 required. Shamed and defeated, he drove home with a stomach full of fire and a box of leftover wings.

And here's Silk's post in the forums

First Off thanks for the great time Norman and all who came out.

Knowing Norman, I knew he was going to enjoy the pain that I was going to be in.

As I walked into the place I start to look around and so far I am the only one for the event. I see a wall of pictures, maybe 100 or so. As I look them over I see that if you can eat 12 of the "Serious Hot" wings you get a picture on the wall.

The record holder ate 86 and I knew I was in some serious trouble...

Everyone shows up and I go and order my 120 wings, The owner looks at me and just smiles.

So as we wait people are talking about the challenge and I am a little scared to say the least. The wings show up and I look over the amount of what I will have to eat.

It was not a huge amount of food, I have eaten more and back in University I did eat over 120 wings in 40 minutes so I figured I just had to get past the heat.

Now this is where things get crazy, someone comes on over and dumps an extra cup of the supper hot sauce all over the wings just to take it to the next level. I say what the hell I am already in to deep so lets do it.

Norman makes the time call and I start hard and fast trying to keep my 10 per minute to get in 70 before I hit the 7 minute wall. About 5 minutes in I now realize that I am in some serious trouble, being Norman and half the place in shock and laughing about how much pain I must be in.

15 Minutes in I am not in sight of my target and my Stomach has become a washing machine, and at this point I am on spin cycle. With all that heat all at once in me, the pain inside was worse than my burning face.

Clear that I am not going to even come close to eating them, and my stomach was about to lose everything "which I did not want because the food was awesome!" I gave a basket to Paul.

Now Paul was going to join me for the 120 but his kids talked him out of it. So he ate 20 of his own and then another 31 of mine.

In the end I managed to eat about 50-55 before I had to stop, I did not want to lose my lunch.

In the end it was the heat that did it in for me, I was not full by any standard and I drank 5 beer in a very short period of time to try to kill some of the heat down below, So I know I had the room to finish if the wings were not so hot.

So we stand at this.

Paul has said he can do it. For him the heat was not a problem, and I have seen him eat the crazy hot before so it could be done. Paul being Korean and I knowing a few Korean friends who eat raw garlic in front of the tv like we eat chips this should be interesting.

The wings are not small, with 3 - 4 good bites to clean one.

Today I feel great and I ate the last 30 I had for breakfast.

I will try this again but next time I will not do this on an empty stomach "you must have some sort of heat buffer" and I will not be hung over "that was the worst part of it"

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