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The Wildman Burger Challenge, Mulu, Sarawak, Malaysian Borneo

For this challenge, we travel to the picturesque region of Malaysian Borneo. This one has some history too! Many moons ago, a tribe returned to the village with what we now know as a "Bun". After placing meat inside the bun, the tribe went wild! Thus is the story of the Wildman Burger. Oh, and the Challenge: To eat the entire Wildman Burger by yourself. The prize is a certificate, a photo, and of course, the glory... maybe there's some sort of ancient level or respect as well... or something...

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"Bogus Jimmy" wrote - I've just returned from a 2 week tour of Malaysia and amongst other things, I found a new meal challenge. As soon as I saw it I knew I had to do it because I would never be back there again. It was at the Royal Mulu Resort, in the tiny town of Mulu, right on the Melinau River, in Sarawak, the southern state of Malaysian Borneo. I didn't actually stay at the resort, but much more basic accomodation across the river, I was just there to have a few cold Tiger beers and a meal when I saw the Massive Wildman Burger Challenge.


The Story

The legend started in the 19th century when a nomad Penan tribe in Mulu, after a successful hunting trip, returned with a strange object called a “Bun”, which had been left over by an expedition group. Out of curiosity one of the warriors took this bun back home to his longhouse, thinking all day what to do with it. In the evening, while barbecuing meat, one of his young sons grabbed the bun in play, and ate it with a piece of grilled meat—his eyes went big, and he started to scream like a wild man ! Upon seeing that, the warrior himself took a bite and started to laugh and cry ! The whole family followed suit, and it was the best meal they had ever had in their lives. Later on their secret meal became known as the MASSIVE WILDMAN BURGER...

The Ingredients

  • 400gm Sesame Bun
  • 800gm Ground Beef
  • 1dz Eggs
  • 300gm Salad Garnish
  • 300gm Mayonnaise
  • 300gm Chilli Sauce
  • 300gm Tomato Sauce

    The Reward

    A certificate of recognition as well as a photo, if you can finish it all by yourself !!

    Before bringing out the burger the waiter brought out 2 sets of cutlery. My girlfriend was with me but she had already eaten at our lodge across the river. When I said I was eating it by myself he laughed and gave me a bit of smack talk. When I saw the burger I realised why he was laughing so much. This thing was insanely big. The dozen eggs had been cooked together in a frypan and filled the whole pan. The plate was more of a platter and with the burger on it, the waiter was almost straining to carry it. I was determined to beat this challenge so I picked up my knife and fork (there was no way I was gonna be able to pick it up) and started to dig in.

    I would've eaten your average takeaway burger with the lot by now but I had barely made a dent in this one.

    It was already becoming clear this would not be easy. I was making progress, but it was gonna be tough.

    Even though it was late in the evening it was over 30 degrees, so I was drinking a lot of water and Coke/Pepsi. I had to go to the bathroom quite a few times but it was a good relief.

    This was the last photo I took, but I actually didn't eat much more. The waiter came over soon after and took the plate and my name so they could print up my certifcate.

    CHALLEGE COMPLETED! I got my certificate and photo and the manager of the resort even came out to shake my hand. Supposedly I was the third person ever to complete it but I don't know exactly how many have tried. This was honestly harder than the SSS shank challenge because where the SSS challenge was 5 different courses with lots of different food and breaks in between, this was just the same meat, bread, salad and sauces, over and over. Although I felt fine, the next day I had absolutely no appetite and didn't eat a single thing all day. The day after that I didn't really eat much either.

    It was definitely a unique experience and I'm glad to add it to my list of food challenge conquers.

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