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World's Largest Steak Challenge, Grinnell, IA
Plenty have heard of the 72oz "Big Texan", but a lesser known, much larger steak challenge exists at "AJ's Steakhouse" in Grinnell, Iowa. The Challenge: To finish their 205oz "The Big Kahuna" steak. Sound impossible? Well, so far no one has done it, but one competitor managed to finish off 150oz, just 55oz short of the whole thing! He says he could have done it, but he "had to work tomorrow".... crazy! Only one small pic, but an interesting read...


GRINNELL - What edible entity can you think of that weighs well over 12 pounds, is served with garlic bread, potatoes, and salad, and isn't available anywhere else in the world except Iowa? If you guessed "The Big Kahuna", you hit the nail on the head. AJ's Steakhouse, located off Interstate 80, exit 182 on Hwy. 146 in Grinnell, celebrated their one year anniversary Thursday evening by unveiling a monster 205-oz. sirloin steak to its customers.


"It seemed like a fun idea," co-owner James Sadler said. "We wanted to do something completely out of the ordinary and different. Breaking a world record was a great way to complete a successful first year."

Denny "Mac the Knife" McNurlen of Grinnell kicked off the festivities by sitting down to the garganutuan portion of beef at 5:15 p.m.. McNurlen, who took AJ's 80-oz. steak challenge last year and currently holds the fastest time of 33 minutes, acknowledged that downing an additional 125 ounces would be no small feat.

"My stomach is going to have to eat faster than my brain thinks," McNurlen stated. "That way I can finish it off before my brain kicks in."

Denny McNurlen of Grinnell shows his approval of the World's Largest Steak, courtesy of AJ's Steakhouse, also of Grinnell. McNurlen ate 155 out of 205 ounces of the giant steak appropriately dubbed, "The Big Kahuna" Aug. 17. Staff photo by Sarah Breemer McNurlen's first goal was to finish half of the steak in one hour. By 6:15, he had wolfed down 113 ounces, and by 9:50 p.m., McNurlen called it quits. His final answer? A whopping 150 ounces, just 55 ounces shy of the entire "Big Kahuna."

"I probably could have eaten 30 to 40 ounces more," McNurlen said. "But I have to work tomorrow."

Several other local businesses signed up 8-10 employees to tackle "The Big Kahuna", including the Grinnell College Pioneer football team and Grinnell Regional Medical Center. According to Sadler, the nine-member team of the Grinnell Police and Fire Department tamed "The Big Kahuna" in 30 minutes.

AJ's Steakhouse will use the event to document that they have broken the Guinness World Record for the largest recorded restaurant steak in history.

The record is currently held by The Kestrel Inn, located in the U.K., and boasts a 200-oz. round steak.

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