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Graze Grill's 5lb Steak Challenge, Calgary, Alberta, CA
I was surfing and came across this place in Calgary called graze grill, they have a 5lb Steak challenge check it out


Graze Grill’s 5lb Challenge
The Five pounder, that’s right folks that equals 80oz of beef! Your $99 dinner includes our 100+ item Salad Bar (if you choose), A stuffed potato, grilled asparagus, and a 5lb Sirloin steak cooked to up to medium well only (for time limitations, & full flavor).



  • Have FUN!
  • You must sit at our 5lb challenge table.
  • No help from friends, family members, or pets.
  • Once you receive your dinner you cannot leave the table.
  • As soon as you stand up contest over, finished, bye bye, try again, no questions!
  • You have one hour (1hr) to finish everything on your plate, let’s face it if you can’t do it in 1hr you won’t do it in 2hrs!
  • You don’t have to eat the fat (this isn’t the great outdoors), but our Chef’s & Servers judgment stands.
  • If you do not finish your meal in the allotted time, by all means take it home and show your friends and family how crazy you were to even attempt this. They can tease you all they want, but you can say “At least I tried”.
  • If you get sick (it could happen) contest over! But try to make it to the bathroom so that our other patrons can enjoy their meals.
  • Have FUN!

We will give you a sample of your steak prior to the time starting to ensure you are satisfied with the preparation.

It will take 30 to 45 minutes for your steak to cook, so head on up to our small Salad bar and get a snack before dinner, have a couple of drinks, relax.

If you accomplish this feat your meal is on us! Heck have a dessert and we will pay for it.

(But not for another meal).

By the way Alcohol is not free! Sorry

Plus, you get your picture taken for our Wall of Fame, or Wall of Shame, complete with a comment provided by yourself. (If you are too full to speak we can figure something out for you).

Have FUN! We want you to do it, bring your friends to cheer you on.

The 5lb Challenge is available Monday to Saturday from 5pm to 10pm. We would do 365 days a year but we need days off too you know!

No one has beaten the 5lb steak yet!

Hall of Shame

Time elapsed for JR . He finished 2.5 lbs his potato, & a salad.

Comments " My Jaw Hurts!" & " At least I tried"

Attempted Sept 1, 2006 , Al did not finish only lasting 18 minutes!

but finishing 3lbs of his Steak!, Comment's: " I Need a beer!"

Steve lasted the full hour but still failed! Eating 3 3/4 lbs Comments:

" You quit smoking by smoking 3 decks off 1 match....

This is how I just became a vegetarian!"

Kyle Walked away 44 minutes in failing in his attempt!,

He ate 3.5 lbs

Comments: " So good it Hurt! "

Attempted Sept 1, 2006. Curtis ate 4lbs, but could not "meat" the challenge in 1 hour.

Comments: " I still beat JR"

The odds on favorite did not pay off ! Jeff lasted 44 minutes, eating 2 3/4 lbs.

Comment: " You do a lot of thinking sitting at that table!"

"As if a 9yr old did this!"

He only had 12oz to go when time expired.

Sam ate 3lbs in 19 minutes......"No Comment"

Dan only had 9oz to go when time ran out on him!

Comment " Mess with the bull you get the horns!"

Brett only had 10 oz to go when time expired

Comment "It's just like a Big Bacon from Wendy's"

Randy A.k.a. "Chevy" had 37oz left when time expired!

Sheldon A.k.a "Nasty" had 31oz left when time expired!

They came up with this poem for a quote

"Chevy & Nasty were challenged to eat, but the 5 pound cow had us beat.

We tried so hard to put her down, what will come out later will be big & brown.

we thought we could do it, but were so wrong, but now we sing a fat man's song

So now our heads bow down in shame, knowing our bowels will never be the same."

A special thank you to the Calgary Stampeders for coming out and signing autograph's

Cheers Guys.

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