sSs BBQ Barns "The Shank Off 2007" Results

sSs BBQ Barns, the Association of Independent Competitive Eaters and are proud to present the official results from "The Shank Off, 2007", held at the Tamworth sSs BBQ Barn during the 2007 Tamworth Country Music Festival. It was a great event, with celebrities, locals and visitors taking part in The Premier Australian Competitive Eating Event!

The Tamworth sSs BBQ Barn Restaurant hosted the inaugural “Biggest Shanker” Grand Final today (21st January 2007) at 2pm. The winner of the Biggest Shanker Competition downed the full 2.5kg of slow cooked, special glazed tender meat in a whooping seven and a half minutes.


It was a great event. The Carlton Clydesdale's and the Head of Carlton United Breweries attended the event, along with a number of local and international celebrities. Kevin Anderson (former NBN News Reader) MC'd the event, while Miss Canada Rodeo Tara Sergierie, Gina Jefferies and Adam Harvey judged the event.

Here are the official results:

Ray Beneke - Cessnock
Finishing time: 7.5 minutes
Weight of Shank: 2kg 4gr

2nd Place:
Paul Rands - Tamworth
Finishing time: 8.9 minutes
Weight of Shank: 2kg 5gr

3rd place:
Ryan Davidson - Brisbane
Finishing time: 9.5 minutes
Weight of Shank: 2kg 3gr

Cessnock - Ray Beneke
Tamworth - Paul Rands
Brisbane - Ryan Davidson
Toowoomba - Brien Boyce
Coffs Harbour - Amy Low
Muswellbrook - Steven Biscoe
Lake Munmorah - Chris Wolter
Dubbo - Ryan George

Overall the event was a roaring success. The restaurant where the competition was held was filled to capacity, and everyone involved had a fantastic time!

Here are some articles and images from the event:


Tamworth hosts The Big Shank contest
22nd January 2007, 10:23 WST

Country music fans love their meat, a fact never clearer than at a barbecue restaurant in Tamworth on Sunday.

Seven large lads, and one lady, sat down to consume 2.5 kilograms of beef shank - in under 12 minutes.

The Big Shank contest, hosted by the SSS BBQ Barn, was the first one held at the Tamworth country music festival, but organisers hope it will continue in the years to come.

It attracted finalists from as far as Brisbane, Dubbo and Toowoomba, who qualified after single-handedly eating an oversized shank - typically served for a family of four - at their local BBQ Barn.

Judged by country musicians Gina Jeffreys, Adam Harvey, and Miss Rodeo Canada Tara Sergerie, the contest raised sweats, stained T-shirts, and generally disgusted all in attendance.

The winner, 38-year-old Ray Beneke of Kurri Kurri, in the NSW's Hunter Valley, successfully consumed his sizzling shank in seven minutes and 30 seconds.

"I just sat down and concentrated on what I had to do, and that was eat the shank, and I done it," Mr Beneke said after receiving a barbecue for his victory.

"I just love the meat, it's beautiful."

Surprisingly, the 117 kilogram plant operator didn't skip breakfast ahead of the large lunch.

"I had two ham sandwiches for breakfast, and a couple of cans of soft drink on the way down," he said.

Jeffreys, who is launching her first album in four years later this week at the festival, said that being a judge was a little confronting.

"Disgusting," she said of the contest.

"The meat looks incredible, it looks absolutely delicious, but that would be enough to feed my family for a week."

While buckets were on standby, none seemed to be needed.

The Tamworth country music festival runs until January 27.

And the sSs Press Release:

Lending a hand and assisting to judge the competition were country music sensations Adam Harvey, Gina Jeffreys, Rod McCormack and Miss Rodeo Canada.

With a full crowd cheering on, the winner claimed his prize of a new BBQ and walked away with a belly full.

sSs BBQ Barn owners, Graham and Marlene Manvell were ecstatic with the reception from the crowd, the support of artists and the willing participants who showed their determination and love for delicious, real, fresh food.

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