The 50 taco challenge? Not yet...

I've been watching this guys site for quite some time now, but unfortunately not much has happened. I got all excited when I thought he was going to go through with the 50 taco challenge, but alas, still no word, and still no response to my initial comment from November last year... Maybe if enough people commented, he might take the challenge?


Two weeks ago, it was decided (I had nothing to do with this decision) that I would eat 50 tacos on the night of September 19, 2006 at the Park Chalet in San Francisco, CA. I have wasted about 2 weeks hoping there was a possibility that everyone would forget about the silly 50 tacos and my belly as well as my dignity would be spared. I hoped wrong (is that English?).


Here's part of his blog, but the last entry was on 8 September 2006, not long before the 19 September when he was meant to do it. I guess he didn't make the 50 tacos, but like most people, sometimes all we need is a little encouragement.

So, I took my sweet ass time. So, I am about 2 weeks late. Well, I was born late. I was born behind… and I am going to die early. Tonight was a very special night, it was the first night of practice for eating 50 tacos. As the photos (above and below) and this growing flickr archive will show, I am taking painstaking efforts to ensure that I will be able to eat 50 tacos smoothly. There are some who doubt me… to them I say, “There are some who doubted Jesus - and now they are all burning in hell.”

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