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The Ultimate Egg Sandwich

Eggs on toast are one of the simple pleasures in life. But what if you topped your Gruyere and ham toasted sandwich with the yolks of 16 Quail Eggs? This very yellow toasted sandwich might not sound the best to some, but looks absolutely scrumptious! (Oh how I love Google Translator, it makes me laugh ;))


(Google Translated) Today towards 13.h.30 I needed to recover. I was like a battery and I was hungry. I started to prepare me a crunch-Mister (not terrible in itself as you will see it, but that does not do anything, it is not its composition which interests me today).


Do an egg by mouthful, you imagine that?

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Today towards 13.h.30 I needed to recover. I was like a battery and I was hungry.

I started to prepare me a crunch-Mister (not terrible in itself as you will see it, but that does not do anything, it is not its composition which interests me today).

• Instead of butter, I put two reduced cheese spread squares. Side calories, they that of is always gained (three or four times less than butter) and I like to paste a soft trick on the sections to have a quite consistent crunch-Mister inside.:

A square by section, spread out well.

• Then sections of trick melted for crunch-Mister over. That, in the future, I will stop. They is pasty more than consistent, I am still not given from there. There is like a large sand heap in my stomach and that made already more than four hours that it is there, I start to find time long.

Moreover, the Gruyere, it is much better from all points of view.: it is slipping by (thus festive) and that has much more taste. Programmed abandonment of these sections, therefore.

• I have a box of twenty very fresh ruail eggs.

I like the crunch-Mister, of agreement, but I love infinitely more the crunch-Madam. Because of egg.
Except that only one egg yolk for all large “crunches”, it is well too little.

Me, I would like a yellow by mouthful. And that it explodes and all and all, hein, not need to repeat me…

To break them, it is not so obvious. The shell is hard and the small resistant skin inside hyper.

To make a clear notch with a blade of knife, that makes the opening rather fast and easy.:

I burst nevertheless some of them.: the yellow is fragile!

Recovery with the spoon, I do not want an egg pété on my crunch-Madam of exception.:

… and put at the reject, with other burst eggs and all the small pieces of shell which I succeeded in fishing out.:

Of the beginning I thought of making only nine eggs, then on my impetus I opened sixteen of them (I burst the four who miss on the box of twenty).:

It is nice like all, inside the shells are green.:

Now, how to proceed for cooking? It is necessary to go there gently: I hold with my yellows as with the pupil of my eyes, I have méga fear of the esquinter.

• I believe that it is necessary that I separate the yellows from the white.:

• I take them all and here thus what I obtain.:
- on a side, two thirds of the white,
- other, the yellows which soak in the remainder of white.

• I put to cook my crunch-Mister in a frying pan digs covered. With small fire, attention.!

On the whole, twelve minutes while turning over it two or three times. That appears long but it is best, and believe me I very tested.: with this soft and slow cooking, it is extreme-flux inside and outside gilded.

• I took two paper sheets on my desk, I fold them in the length and I make of it a square form of the size of the crunch-Mister. I thought one moment of scotcher but finally I succeeded in repairing my stapler that Camille had still botched me and I fastened.:

Here is, butter is just molten. I do not wait more because I do not want especially a white attacked and cramé.

• I pour the white in the frying pan.:

Ah zut.! It escapes from everywhere, it from goes away on all the sides under the paper framework.

Not envisaged, that. It seemed to to me that the square was adjusted perfectly with “the horizontality” of the frying pan. I even had twisted it, untwisted and retordu so that its base is well posed to 100.% in contact with the frying pan.

Such an amount of worse, I recover what I can with a spoon and I transfer in the center.:

Here, that starts to take.:

The interest, it is that there now it is tight. And my yellows will be protected by the layer from white.

• I pour them gently all, provided that that does not burst.!

Super.: they all are there, and in good condition.

These nitwits go in the corners instead of aligning itself geometrically. I try to arrange them but as that coagulates, they stick to the white and I would be likely to make them burst.

Good, “best is the enemy of the good”, like known as often my mom, then one will remain about it there for the provision.:

• Strong adherence in the course of catch on the edges, that worries me a little.:

• I take off patiently all the turn with my butter knife and… youpi.!

I did not burst only one of them. Without me to praise, that ensures max.

• I leave my crunch-Mister his frying pan (where it remained well with the heat during the cooking of ruail eggs).:

Well melting but, I must recognize it, not délicieusement slipping by as if I had put Gruyere.:

• Easy Transfer. I expected to have to pay super attention, but my spatula is rather broad and that only requires to fall apart of the frying pan.:

Attention, heat in front.!

I deposit.

Mmmm… That sticks pile hair. Eh yes, they are the virtues of the overmeasure there.:

Beautiful result, all the same…

With the proviso of not saying to me that my crunches with chicken pox or full with nipples in excess, that makes me desire. And you.?

My dream finally will be concretized. They are not aligned in perfect checkerwork but sufficiently well not distributed all the same.
An egg by mouthful… then that it is the large one, which I say, of the immense crunch-Madam.!

Me I adore it with mustard not too strong. I immediately put some after having taken this photograph.:

It was owl.! Really owl, owl, owl.

Quite hot, moreover.
Hold, but it seems to to me that the ruail eggs have a taste a little less pronounced than hen eggs. That will give me a new subject of reflexion that.: could one make ruail eggs with hen eggs.? It would be still better - if such a thing is possible.

Before threading me my sixteen mouthfuls, I could all the same testify my friendship with my ovomaniaques colleagues in their offering a small share. I know some which will make “burp” while carrying the hand with their mouth only by seeing all these eggs, but for those which adore them as much as me, here:

Good app'!

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The Ultimate Egg Sandwich
Authored by: Anonymous on Wednesday, March 28 2007 @ 09:56 pm UTC
The picture with the caption "Such an amount of worse, I recover what I can with a spoon and I transfer in the center" - it looks like that Muppet shrimp guy yelling, doesn't it?