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World's Largest Buffet, Holmes County, Ohio

Following on from our earlier post about The World's Largest Buffet, Kurt Kleidon who helped organise the event was kind enough to send us some photos! It looks like the record, previously held by the Las Vegas Hilton has been broken!

From: Kurt Kleidon via Email

WALNUT CREEK, OHIO—Las Vegas may have a lot of things, but it looks like it will have to surrender the record for the world’s largest buffet. On Saturday, March 24, Ohio's Holmes County set the mark by serving 547 distinguishable dishes to a crowd of more than 1,500.


Las Vegas’ record of 510 dishes, set last year in March at the Las Vegas Hilton, fell at approximately 3:42 p.m. EST at the Holmes County Amish Flea Market in Walnut Creek. The effort required over 400 volunteers cooking, setting up and helping run the event. The food for the buffet was donated and prepared by local restaurants and living communities.

A cookbook with many of the buffet’s recipes as well as many more that were submitted but not prepared is available for purchase for $15. These are available for purchase at or

The proceeds, a total yet to be determined, will go to the Love Center, Holmes County’s food pantry. Officials recorded the totals of Saturday’s event, and those are being submitted for the approval of the Guinness World Records(R). An official response is expected to take 3-4 weeks. Until then, all bets are off for Las Vegas’ former buffet record.

Known for their original, home-style food as well as their buffets, Holmes County’s Amish-style restaurants are a favorite in Ohio. Holmes County is at the center of the nation’s largest Amish community.

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