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The Bogan Burger, Napier Hotel, Fitzroy, VIC, AU
The Bogan Burger has a clearly defined target audience, the bogan... A Bogan is a person who is, or is perceived to be, unsophisticated or of a lower class background. According to the stereotype, the speech and mannerisms of "bogans" indicate poor education and uncultured upbringing. The term is mainly applied to white, working-class people. I think they're just a class of person who likes a good feed every now and then, and this certainly is a good feed! The $15.50 burger's big turkish bread roll is topped with a steak, a chicken schnitzel, a potato cake, bacon, egg, cheese, onion, pineapple and beetroot. Enough to satisfy any bogan, or anyone!

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Terry Brown
April 13, 2007 12:00am
IF dietitians want a bunfight, the Napier Hotel is armed to the teeth and licking its lips. While experts are aghast one in four teenagers has a daily fast-food fix and even McDonald's feels obliged to sell salads, the pub is unrepentant. The Fitzroy pub's Bogan Burger is big enough to feature on the Tourism Victoria website, a natural wonder like the 12 Apostles.


The $15.50 burger's big turkish bread roll is topped with a steak, a chicken schnitzel, a potato cake, bacon, egg, cheese, onion, pineapple and beetroot.

There's no asking if you want fries with that.

The burger comes with a mountain of fat potato wedges.

Oh, and salad.

Deakin University nutritionist Dr Tim Crowe estimates it would weigh in at 7000 kilojoules.

"I'd recommend it for anyone on the competitive eating circuit. Otherwise, stay away," he said.

But the man behind what is listed on the menu as "a coronary arrest waiting to happen" says his signature dish is here to stay.

Chef Charlie Shepherd created it for "flannelette shirt, barrack for St Kilda" type customers.

"It's become immensely popular. We'd sell about 15 a day," he said.

"It's mainly blokey action - pre-football to soak up a lot of beer, but you get the rowdy nurses too."

The burger stands 13cm high, or 17cm if you count the classy paper umbrella.

One reviewer likened it to chewing gum - "it stays in your system for seven years".

Dr Crowe says the meal would single-handedly meet most people's daily kilojoule needs.

He estimates it would also contain about 94g of fat.

"Get a stick of butter and it's a bit more than a third," he says.

"It should come with a health warning. It's a recipe for disaster."

But hefty as it is, the Bogan Burger is small potatoes in the bunfight for burger supremacy.

In 2005, Denny's Beer Barrel pub in Pennsylvania introduced its Beer Barrel Belly Buster.

That had a 4kg patty buried beneath 25 cheese slices on a 40cm diameter bun.

It has since upped the ante with its Main Event Burger, a 14kg bun groaning under 36kg of beef topped with 160 cheese slices.

Even The Napier won't try to beat that.

Burger king: publican Guy Lawson tries to wrap his chops around the Bogan Burger. Picture: Craig Borrow. (Source:,21985,21547253-2862,00.html)

Supersize me ... Tourism Victoria found The Napier Hotel's Bogan Burger - complete with steak, a chicken schnitzel, potato cake, bacon and egg - wondrous enough to include it on its website / Craig Borrow (Source:,23599,21549460-2,00.html)

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The Bogan Burger, Napier Hotel, Fitzroy, VIC, AU
Authored by: Anonymous on Tuesday, June 17 2008 @ 07:54 pm UTC
Ha ha, you had to cut it in half to eat it, what, was there something wrong with your hands?

(^o^) AHH NOM NOM NOM -urp-

The steak was a little fatty last sunday but it was fine otherwise. The trick is to leave a clean plate. I got chips though, not wedges - ripped off!

A perfect finish to a hard afternoon's bike polo.