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Video of Cafe und Restaurant Waldgeist, Hofheim, Germany
Heard of Cafe und Restaurant Waldgeist in Hoffheim, Germany? If not, check out the previous post we did about them, they've got some crazy Supersized Meals! And when it comes to Supersized Meals, this place is probably one of the best I've seen. Everything is Supersized! The Drinks, the Burgers, the Schnitzels, everything! Here's a video of a few people trying out the Schnitzels, Burgers and Drinks. Ohhhnn mein god, Ohhhnn mein god, Ohhhnn mein god!!! (I think someone had too many supersized beers!)


Waldgeist, loosely translated 'Forest Ghost' is a novelty restaurant in Hoffheim Germany, near Frankfurt. The food is HUGE and the atmosphere is fun. This was Chris and Laura last week in Germany, and it was spent with good friends, Cindy, Michael and Carlos, along with Nikki and Sheila from Darmstadt with special guest Nicole from Berlin

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