Eating Out
Holden Harmes and the Quintuple Quad

Yes, you heard right, a Quintuple Quad from BK. That's 5 x Quad Stackers all stuck together into the one big burger.... 20 patties... 20 layers of bacon... 20 slices of cheese. A total of 5,000 calories, 340g of fat, 1,200mg of Cholesterol and 9,000mg of sodium. That's about 6 days worth of the recommended daily intake of fat! Omg <3 ATTACK!!!!!! I really dig the background music that's playing though! Will he finish it? Will he destroy what could be the biggest single person BK challenge ever?


The last of the quads, Holden says he won't do it again but who knows. Anyways enjoy this one and the surprise at the end.

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Holden Harmes and the Quintuple Quad
Authored by: Anonymous on Wednesday, June 20 2007 @ 12:44 pm UTC
From the looks of him, that isn't the first time he's had that much meat in his mouth.