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World's Longest Yakatori Stick

One thing I've noticed around Hong Kong is the huge number of street vendors serving up Yakatori Sticks. Even though "Yakatori" is Japanese, there's quite a bit of Japanese cuisine in Hong Kong. Measuring in at 16.46 meters, I doubt you'd get one for HK$5!


HIDAKAGAWA, Wakayama -- A group of yakitori fans here has broken the world record for the longest yakitori stick, creating one measuring in at an impressive 16.46 meters. The 35 participants used special bamboo skewers and 20 kilograms of chicken meat from 16 chickens to break the record.


The group's yakitori stick, created on Sunday, was three meters longer than the one that set the previous record.

In August last year volunteers from Hidakagawa took the world record with an 11-meter yakitori stick that they created to promote a special type of charcoal and guinea fowl, for which the town is known. This record surpassed the one set by the Fukushima Prefecture town of Kawamata. Later the Yamaguchi Prefecture town of Nagato had also set a record. (Mainichi)

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World's Longest Yakatori Stick
Authored by: Anonymous on Monday, May 28 2007 @ 03:40 am UTC
C'mon Billy , dont sulk.