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Skinnyboy and the 64oz Soda

And I thought Big Gulps were big... this 64oz Soda is complements of "Corner Store". That's a whole lotta sugar packed into one big container!


On the way back to Denver, we stopped to get some cold drinks. How's this for refreshing? No wonder kids are so f*cked up these days! I wonder what 64 ounces of Mountain Dew or Coke or whatever will do to someone! For the record, mine is filled with Diet Coke. Gotta be sensible, right?


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Skinnyboy and the 64oz Soda
Authored by: Fival on Wednesday, September 12 2007 @ 10:15 pm UTC
When I was traveling around New Zealand they had one convenience store that offered those massive cups. The beauty of it was that, unlike american stop shops, they sold something similar to Red Bull straight from the fountain! Between the 8 cans worth of energy drink and a bag of the only natural ingredient in cocaine (coca leaf) None of us slept for a while.

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