New York's Most Expensive Cocktail, Duvet, NY
Cocktail prices always seem to be creeping upwards. Not unusual nowadays to see a cocktail for near $20. But if you've got a bit of spare cash, and feel like splashing out a bit, why not try a $1500 Cocktail? Just don't get drunk and knock it over!


What: Duvet Platinum Passion
Where: Duvet
Price: $1500
Justification: Three Names: Ruinart, Brendan, Napoleon


Some time ago, with our legs resting lazily on a mountain of empty Ruinart bottles, Brendan, Duvet's head alchemist and purveyor of social transmutation, became quite excited and said something to me about doing something with something. Either I couldn't hear him above the din of the box social around us or I wasn't paying any attention to him whatsoever. (Let us go with a little from column A and a little from column B). I informed Brendan that a handful of years ago Ruinart actually took it upon itself to create the Best Young French and Best European Sommelier Trophies and that it asked to use my likeness for each trophy's golden bust. When he asked me what in the world I was talking about I simply drank my drink and pointed at some girl's wrap dress.

But before he took leave with a stunning creature in turquoise heels, I toasted his engaging conversational skills and gave him a case of champagne for the road. A few days or years after that fact Brendan phoned to thank me for something I had done or for something that I was planning to do on his behalf. He also continued to say some other things as well. That phone call truly made my afternoon and I will forever remember Brendan's kind and considerate words. At least, I think it was him.

45 West 21st St.

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