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The Philly Taco

A new taste sensation? I think so! It's the Philly Taco. All you need are several beers, a cheesesteak, and a Pizza! Ingenious!


I was at a dinner party last weekend when my friend Nancy casually dropped the term, Philly Taco. My interest was immediately piqued, and I inquired as to what a Philly Taco is. I learned that it is a drunken snack she likes to make when out on South Street (the Philly equivalent of Haight street in SF or Melrose in LA). I was shocked intrigued when she revealed the contents of the Philly Taco. It reminded me of that Saturday Night Live “Taco Town” skit, and I felt it needed to be documented and recorded for all the world to see.


Step one:< Arrive on South Street, and consume several beers. Check. I opted for Tanqueray and tonics instead. Apparently the essence of the Philly Taco is lost on the un-inebriated. They are just not capable of “getting it.”

Step two: Stagger down to Ishkabibbles and order a cheesesteak—onions optional. I don’t want to start a Philly cheesesteak flame war, so let’s just say we picked Ishkabibbles because there is never a line, and it’s just a stone’s-throw away from Lorenzo and Son’s pizza.

Step three: Hop down to the other end of the block and grab a slice at Lorenzo and Son’s Pizza. There is always a line here, however they only serve the slices one way (ask for a topping any you are guaranteed to get dirty looks), and they move people through like an assembly line. You may want to consider purchasing a box for twenty-five cents. It will give you working room to assemble your Philly Taco.

Step four: This is the step that really surprised me. During the initial description, I had imagined the pizza folded in half, and the cheesesteak placed in the center, perhaps folding the tiny edge of the pizza back over into the cheesesteak. Quite the contrary; you roll the cheesesteak in the slice. I commented that perhaps the Philly Burrito would be a more appropriate name, but was met with fierce resistance. It’s not my thing, so I backed down. Philly Taco it shall remain.

I won’t comment on the taste, as I’m sure you have already formed your own opinions. However, I will say that Nancy and Claire seem to be enjoying themselves in these photos.

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The Philly Taco
Authored by: Anonymous on Monday, June 25 2007 @ 09:54 am UTC
That's the ultimate in culinary fusion. I'm going to try this around here with different foods. Cheeseteak in pizza, hamburger in pizza, Krispie Kreme donut in pizza.

- MM
The Philly Taco
Authored by: Billy on Monday, June 25 2007 @ 05:05 pm UTC
Have you tried a Luther Burger yet? I've always wanted to, but never got around to it...

hmmm... maybe this week... :)